Quality Control


 Apeptide strict quality control to ensure that every step is in accordance with the rules of operation, high quality reagents and raw materials are purchased from a quality certification system suppliers. Every product produced by the company has passed strict quality testing before being delivered to customers. Chu peptide biological has established a quality system, is committed to GMP workshop construction and certification. The company's pursuit of the five A+ goals is not empty talk, but the company's development, the source of strength.

A+ grade --- quality: strict production process control, professional quality management personnel, advanced quality testing equipment, to ensure the most refined products the best and the most pure. All products provide complete HPLC spectrum and MS spectrum, can also provide NMR NMR, amino acid analysis, water content determination, ion determination, infrared, NMR, elemental analysis, free fluorescent labeled peptide uv spectrum, excitation light and emission spectrum. A+ grade -- -- -- reputation: the company adheres to the principle of customer first, takes customers as the basis, fully abides by the company's contract agreement, abides by the confidentiality agreement, and completes the task of customer orders during the maintenance period. A+Grade -- -- service: the company provides professional peptide service, and free consultation and document retrieval in the field of chemistry and biology. Truly become your R&D partner. A+Grade -- -- technology: polypeptides are synthesized according to your requirements, ranging from mg to g or even kg, with residues ranging from 2 amino acids to 60 amino acids, including various modified peptides: Sugar peptide (Glycopeptide), cyclic peptide (Cyclicpeptide), methylation polypeptide (Methyl - peptide), sulfonated polypeptide (Sulfication peptide) and phosphorylated peptide (Phosphopeptides), Natural products peptide (Natural peptides), all kinds of fluorescence labeling peptides (Fluorescent Labled peptides) and modified peptides (modification peptides). Various special amino acids, sugar derivatives, various fluorescent dyes, small molecule synthesis and other technologies. A+Grade -- -- team: good team spirit ensures and respects individual interests and achievements. To ensure the centripetal force and cohesion of the collective, to ensure the unity of individual and overall interests, and to ensure the efficient operation of the organization, the formation of chu peptide biological unique corporate culture. The quality test provided by us includes the following contents (some of which are free of charge) :Chromatography (HPLC, TLC, GC, IC)Chromatography coupled to MS (LC-MS/ESI)Spectroscopy
(UV-Vis, IR, NMR)RefractometryPolarimetryMetallic Analysis (AAS, ICP, ICP-MS)Elemental AnalysisTitration (Acid-Base Titration, Karl Fischer Titration)Amino acid analysis